Most of the questions you have regarding our services and the apartment search process can be found here. If you need more insight, shoot us an email!

Does your service cost me anything at all?

Not a penny. It’s free free free! We help you for at absolutely no cost and are paid by the apartment you move into when you list us as your apartment locator.

How do you help me find an apartment?

We use a database that gives us access to every apartment in the state of Texas. We find exclusive deals that won’t be found using the usual resources available to apartment renters.

Does using your service affect any specials offered by the apartment community?

Not a bit! We are happy to find the best apartment deals available to you. Using our service will not exclude you from any specials or promotions an apartment is running.



If I have used your service in the past, can I utilize your services again?

Absolutely! We love working with past clients and commit to finding the best fit every single time!

If I am moving within the same apartment community, can I still get paid?

If you are moving within the same community, unfortunately, you will not be eligible for cash when you move BUT we can run a search to see if you are getting the best deal and compare your price to the equivalent apartments near by.

Do you share any of the personal information that I provide?

We will never share any personal information that you provide. All information we ask for is for the purpose of finding your ideal apartment and ensuring you have the best chance at being approved.


Is your payment real cash or some kind of gimmick?

Cold hard cash! Payments are paid in the form of electronic payment (Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle) or Visa gift card. Whichever works best for you!

What are the requirements to receive my cash payment?

In order to receive payment, your base rent amount will have to be at least $800 and the apartment you move into must pay the standard rate of commission.

How long does it take to receive the rebate?

Payment is sent to you within 48 hours of us receiving payment from your new apartment. Apartments typically pay within 30-90 days of your move-in date.

How does using one of your apartment agents benefit me?

When you work with one of our agents you gain access to an entire database of apartment deals and apartment relationships that have been built over the years. Your agent speaks with leasing agents daily and has a hold on exactly where to find what you’re looking for. Aside from that, your agent will schedule tours, follow up with apartments, negotiate for you and handle all of the tasks that add up to steal your time so you can spend it elsewhere! 

How are your agents qualified to help me find an apartment?

Every agent that we have is a licensed realtor specializing in apartment rentals. We commit our days to building apartment community relationships, identifying any changes in your market and identifying the absolute best apartment prices and specials daily for you and all clients we serve.

Can my agent tour apartments with me?

While we would love to be on tour with all of our amazing clients, it just isn’t the best way for us to be able to serve each of you. There are special circumstances when it is best for all parties that your locator/realtor be there, but in other cases, your agent will be available for calls or texting while you tour.

Why does my application show the market price if there is a special?

Apartment complexes use an automated pricing system that does not calculate the apartment specials being offered. Those move in specials are given by the apartment complex directly as an incentive to lease and are applied once you’re approved.

Why was I given a price on a specific unit and the next day it was different?

Apartment complexes use an automated pricing system that changes prices based on a number of factors like occupancy rate, days on market, size of unit, number of rooms, etc. The best apartment deals go the fastest so it’s best to grab em’ up as soon as they’re found!