Rebate Qualifications and Disclaimers

  • All applicants are required to write "Ashanti" on the guest card and application

  • All applicants must list "Locator", "Locator Service", "Realtor" and/or your agent's name on the apartment Guest Card, Registration page (pre-application), and Rental Application. 

  • The property must be paying us the standard commission amount.  The rebate can take 30-120 days to process depending on how quickly the property pays us.

  • Ashanti Apartment Locator reserves the right to modify all rebates, policies, disclaimers, etc., at any time without notice. 

  • If you have lived in the same complex before, you will not qualify for the rebate.

  • If you transfer or move to a related sister property owned by the same management company, you will not qualify for a rebate.

  • Renter must sign a 12 month or longer lease. If we do not receive compensation for any reason, the renter will be disqualified from any rebate.

  • You must Fill out the Payment Request Form within 90 days (3 months) from your actual move in date.

  • Only one rebate will be processed per lease

  • Only one person can claim the rebate for the unit

  • Once the rebate request form is submitted and the property pays, you will be sent your rebate within 7 days after payment has been received from the property.

  • Client agrees to all the following rules regarding our rebate process. Renters who do not follow instructions, disclaimers, and rules will not qualify for a rebate.

  • Rebates will be honored if the renter has met all terms and disclaimers.

  • If you have any questions please contact your agent.

Rental Rate
Rebate Amount





$3,000's +